Strategic Plan: The JMC School must, between 2015 and 2020:

1. Enhance faculty research, grants/contracts and dissemination.

  • Define standards and definitions for research and scholarly/creative activity.

  • Articulate School expectations for retention, tenure and promotion.

  • Support grant development, proposals, dissemination and travel.

  • Profile faculty grants and research.

2. Review curriculum alignment with vision, mission and directions.

  • Investigate, develop and integrate new opportunities for online education.

  • Invite more professional partnerships and collaboration with media companies and Silicon Valley businesses.

  • Identify and plan for the extended integration of new technologies in pedagogy.

  • Enhance faculty orientation, industry training and structured mentoring programs.

3. Define standards and support for student success.

  • Review standards and closely monitor student development from admission to graduation.

  • Establish new assessment surveys and data analysis approaches to drive curriculum changes.

  • Enhance the web presence for student recruitment, advising and mentoring.

  • Maintain commitment to curriculum enrollment planning to keep national accreditation.

  • Establish new alumni and professional mentoring and portfolio review systems.

  • Maintain an alumni contact database and a congruent plan for tracking graduates.

4. Enhance revenue streams.

  • Follow-up on successful JMC School major fundraising initiatives.

  • Identify more potential revenue streams (continuing education, donations, grants, special sessions).

  • Update regularly the JMC Strategic Marketing Plan to include timely media industry initiatives.

  • Invite media industry and corporate consultation on curriculum development.

  • Include global media professionals in multi-platform program promotional efforts.

5. Focus operations on strategic planning, effective communication, sense of cohesion and accountability.

  • Identity and streamline unnecessary steps and procedures.

  • Create and maintain comprehensive electronic filing and equipment tracking systems.

  • Revise quantitative and qualitative assessment tools for more timely and insightful annual reports.

  • Ensure that strategic planning is more of a process than an event.

  • Create a Silicon Valley Center for Social Media Research that would serve both academia and business.

6. Improve governance and operational models.

  • Review and streamline governance and consultative processes to reduce faculty time commitments.

  • Reduce “bureaucracy” as much as possible.

  • Develop ongoing professional development educational and research practices.

  • Leverage the School’s public reputation for excellence through industry partnerships and technological innovation.

The Next Five Academic Years – 2015 through 2020

In order to remain viable and a leader in the technology driven, fast-paced, and ever changing global communications landscape, the School of Journalism and Mass Communications must constantly re-invent itself as a pioneer in teaching, research and scholarship in mass communications.
JMC School students must develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and media management skills while learning how to master new technologies to meet media industry expectations. The 2013 gift of $8.7 million to the JMC School from Jack and Emma Anderson provides, in perpetuity, the resources for periodic upgrades of classroom technologies and faculty training on new equipment. This gift, however, does not permit funds to be used for hiring or faculty salary increases. JMC School continues to rely on the university administration to recognize and support the strategic hiring and development of faculty to broaden the scope, growth and academic mission of the program to meet changing times.

Five-Year Plan: Projections for Faculty Hiring and Retention Needs

To advance JMC School degree programs to meet the changing needs in media education, and to ensure the continuity of the school’s mission and priority commitment to diversity inclusion in all endeavors, we must prioritize the recruitment of faculty and staff with the requisite academic credentials and/or professional experience to meet the instruction needs of the school:

Schedule for conducting national searches and hiring JMC tenure-track faculty:

  • 2015 Public Relations – Global Communications Specialist

  • 2016 Social Media Research Director and a JMC School Assessment Coordinator

  • 2017 Crisis Management / Global Terrorism Communications Expert

  • 2018 Cross-Disciplinary / Cyber Security Expert for a joint faculty appointment with Food & Nutrition Sciences, Health, Economics, or Business.

  • 2019 Big Data Analyst / Media Research Specialist