Spring graduation

Students that want to graduate in May will need to apply by October 1st.  For more information on the university's graduation policies, go to the SJSU Registrar's Graduation FAQNO EXCEPTIONS!

Fall graduation

 Students that want to graduate in December will need to apply by April 1st.  The campus is often closed the last week of March so it is recommended that you apply earlier than April 1st.  For more information on the university's graduation policies, go to the SJSU Registrar's Graduation FAQNO EXCEPTIONS!


All majors seeking the BS degree in advertising, journalism, or public relations must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete 120 semester units which includes all university and school of journalism degree requirements. At least 80 of the 120 units must be taken outside the school areas of advertising, journalism, public relations, or mass communications, whether completed at SJSU or at another college or university. National accreditation requirements call for 90 units outside the school, but also allow students to count six units from MCom 72, Media & Society; MCOM 101, Law & Ethics; or MCOM 106, Global Communications, as part of this 90-units because they are considered general subjects.
  • A total of 65 of the 90 units must be taken in the liberal arts and sciences. Courses in this area are defined as those offered in the schools of humanities and arts, social science, and science, or by equivalent disciplines at other institutions.
  • Courses are listed as general education courses in the SJSU schedule of classes except no 100W course is accepted. Courses offering practical instruction in fields closely related to mass communications may not be applied to the liberal arts and sciences requirement, regardless of where offered.


  • Specifically excluded are laboratory production and skill courses in English, and internships, activity, or independent study courses offered in other departments. Students that are not sure will need to ask the adviser.
  • Complete a 12-unit academic focus in a single discipline or department outside the fields taught within the school of journalism. At least six of these units must be upper division, and the GPA must be at least 2.0.
  • Beginning Fall semester 2015, all freshmen and transfer students admitted to a JMC School major are now required to complete an International Learning experience before graduation.  More and more global media fields want graduates to have some international experience.  There are many ways a JMC School major can meet this requirement, and keep costs under control. Dr. Matt Cabot oversees this program for the JMC School. See his video posted on the JMC School website. New students should visit with him, very soon after admission in DBH 220, to discuss all the possibilities for meeting this important college requirement.
  • The minimum requirement is a 12–unit academic focus, but students may also choose a minor. The academic focus, as well as a minor, must be approved by the student's adviser. Complete an approved internship for academic credit before the final semester of the senior year. (This may be waived for students that can document substantial professional experience prior to their senior year.)


Complete a major form. All departmental forms are available online (Advertising, Journalism, or Public Relations) or at the department office (DBH105). Complete courses completed form. Carefully read the instructions. Take forms to the student advising office at DBH110 for signatures. Complete the application for graduation from admissions & records. Turn it all into admissions & records. Students need to list all courses that have been taken outside the school of journalism. Transfer students are required to provide the school with a copy of the transcripts from other institutions as soon as possible. Major forms will not be approved unless such records are on file.

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For more information about deadlines, check the Registrar's calendar on their website. If after reading these pages, you have questions, contact .